We Are...

We are a collective of artistic and cultured creators. We are branding, content, event and marketing experts. We are pop culture, music and entertainment aficionados. We are DJs, entrepreneurs, writers, travellers, technologists, skydivers, food lovers and musos. We explore, we express, we live. We create.

We don’t just track trends. We set them.

Make it Happen
  • We create buzz.

    Our collective of creative and talented leaders has been helping brands create powerful stories and unforgettable experiences for more than 20 years. We’ve designed marketing campaigns, promotions and events that have not just launched brands, but driven cultural trends.

  • We create conversations.

    But not just any conversations. We put a powerful mix of artists, entrepreneurs, marketers and event specialists to work for your brand. The result? A perfect blend of promotional, digital, multimedia and XM (experiential) tactics crafted into solutions that tell your story with lasting impact.

  • We create synergy.

    We’re driven by the beat of the wide world, the rhythm that fills us all with energy and emotion, the captivating power of cultural and artistic expression. Everything we do, every breath we take, is shaped by a special mix of music, travel, and art. It’s how we get unique, positive and lasting attention for brands large and small.

The big stuff

So now you know what we do. Here’s a bit of why we do it – the principles that guide us.
  • Everything is better with music. We would add a musical score to everyone’s life if we could.

  • Itʼs a small world with big lessons. Every corner of this vast Earth has something to share, and the more we experience, the more we bring home.

  • Every story can be told powerfully. Even the smallest tale can stand strong when it’s presented in an artistic and cultured context.

  • You only get one go-round at life. The Studio 44 collective walks the talk. Each of us is following our bliss. We are chasing our love of creativity and art, pushing our boundaries, reveling in discoveries, and designing our own futures. This isn’t work, it’s our passion! It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle!

Our Team

You know that song you love? How you can’t get the hook out of your head and when the bridge hits you start singing out loud?
It’s all in the mix. Every note, every phrase works together just right, some of it lifting you up, some of it carrying you forward, pulling your heart, pushing your smile.
At Studio 44, we’ve been mixing artistic, marketing and promotional success for a long time. From DJs to marketers to production wizards, we are a collective of artistic and cultured creators.
  • Meet the collective

  • Jason R (JR) Antoine Founder & President Leading, managing, partnering.
    Travelling, thinking, strategizing, creating.

  • Pat Mooney, aka DJ PAQ Co-Founder & Vice President, Music Director/DJ Curating, tracking, branding.
    Producing, connecting, trending.

  • Trevor Calof Vice President, Sales and Marketing Overseeing, executing, solving.
    Working, driving, thriving.

Our Expertise

You know that thing you need doing for your brand? That kick you need to take you to the next level? That buzz-generating, profile-lifting, brand-boosting, unforgettable campaign? That once-in-a-lifetime, market-changing, mind-blowing experience? We make that happen.
  • Brand Identity & Strategy

    We help sharpen and define your brand, find that secret sauce that makes you unique to the market and to your audience. Then we make sure you get the right message to the right audience with savvy strategic branding.

  • Campaign Design & Development

    Shake up the market. Make some noise. Get some buzz. From PR and ads to digital and social, we help your audience experience your brand in new and unique ways.

  • Event Planning & Management

    From ticket sales to tear down and everything in between, we have planned and produced some of the most acclaimed events in North America, expertly leveraging powerful brand partnerships and targeted, experience-enhancing sponsorships.

  • Content Marketing

    Content drives engagement, and great content drives relationships. Our creative and cultural experts have been crafting deep and engaging stories for many years. What’s yours?

  • Curated Music Production

    We discover talent. We nurture talent. We develop musical artists and create music-infused projects and marketing initiatives. We plan and manage world-class festivals and musical productions. We eat, sleep, and breathe music.

Our Projects

Our Partners

You’re only as good as the talent you surround yourself with, and we are proud to collaborate with some of the best. Here are some of the friends we work with.
  • Bacardi
  • Bold Commerce
  • Boobyball
  • Cadbury
  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Casino Lac-Leamy
  • DNA
  • Gradwear
  • Hard Rock
  • Hilton Lac-Leamy
  • Juno
  • Levis
  • Live Nation
  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • Molson
  • MTV
  • Much
  • Nintendo
  • Oreos
  • Red Bull
  • Redken
  • Rethink
  • Shaw Centre
  • Shopify
  • StudentLife Network
  • TD Canada Trust
  • W Hotels
  • WE


At Studio 44 we make things happen in a big way for our clients, partners and friends. Email us at to make it happen for your brand.